There’s never been a better time to host an ATNZ apprentice

17 June 2020

With the announcement on 17 June of the “Apprenticeship Boost” by Education Minister Chris Hipkins, coupled with the earlier free apprenticeships news on 02 June, hosting an apprentice with ATNZ has never been more attractive.

We are very pleased to see this support from the Government to encourage apprenticeships across New Zealand.

It includes: 

Free apprenticeships
This announcement means there will be no training fees charged to employers from 01 July 2020 until December 2022. This saving will be shown as a reduction in the management fees charged to our host companies from 01 July 2020. 

Apprenticeship Boost
From August 2020 to April 2022, it is the intention of our ATNZ Trust to pass this subsidy support directly onto our loyal host companies, who continue to support our apprentices during and following the COVID-19 crisis.

These initiatives will be realised in cost savings our host companies from July and August respectively.

In addition, we are in consultation with the Government about the Group Training Organisation (GTO)-specific funding previously announced. Indications are the finalisation of that funding will be confirmed sometime in July and we can expect to see the positive effects shortly after. It is also the intention of the ATNZ Trust to pass this funding directly onto our host companies. This will bring even greater relief to host companies who source their apprentices through a GTO.

All of the great benefits of a GTO apprentice such as pastoral care, human resources and health and safety support AND these three new funding initiatives means there has never been a better time to host an ATNZ apprentice.

If you are looking to take on a new apprentice as part of our country’s recovery from the pandemic lockdown, please get in touch by ">email or call us on 0800 692 869.