Apprentice Faqs

  • How do I do an engineering Apprenticeship with ATNZ?
    You can either start an apprenticeship through your current employer, or you can be employed directly by ATNZ and we will place you with a host company where you will work for the duration of your apprenticeship.

    You will work with this company for the duration of your apprenticeship learning on the job. You will do about three hours of online learning a week.

    Whether you are employed by ATNZ or your current employer we will provide you with a dedicated Account Manager who will mentor you throughout your apprenticeship

  • Will a pre trade course help me get an engineering apprenticeship?
    While not a requirement for entry, a pre trade can be a great step for people that are not quite sure whether engineering is for them.


    It is also a great way to gain work experience and introduce you to companies who may offer you the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship with them, whether it be by employing you or hosting you as an ATNZ apprentice.

  • Is there an upper age limit for apprenticeships?
    None. Anyone aged 16 or over with the right to permanently live and work in New Zealand is allowed to undertake an apprenticeship.

  • Do I need my own tools?
    Some companies provide tools, while others require you to have your own. It is always good to build a supply of your own for the future.


    One of the benefits of being employed directly by ATNZ is we offer our apprentices interest free loans for tools.

  • What qualifications do I need to get an ATNZ apprenticeship?
    No qualifications are necessary. We are looking for people with a great attitude and a good work ethic who want to be hands on and earn something they are passionate about.

  • Are there any fees for being an ATNZ apprentice?
    Whether you are employed by ATNZ or do your apprenticeship through your current employer, apprentices pay no fees.

  • What happens if my host company does not have enough work for me?
    Another advantage of being employed directly by ATNZ is that if your host company does not need you any more we will do our best to place you with another host company.

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  • Why should I take on an apprentice?
    The labour market in New Zealand is the toughest it has been in decades.

    There is a distinct labour shortage across the engineering and manufacturing sectors made worse by the fact that many tradespeople are approaching retirement age.

    The best way to secure your skilled labour force for the future is by bringing apprentices into your business.

  • Why should I use ATNZ to train my apprentice?
    Whether you host an ATNZ apprentice or employ your own, you and your apprentice receive the same mentoring and support. This typically results in a greater apprentice success rate and also allows you to focus on your business, while we develop your apprentice
  • Does my apprentice receive the same level of support if I employ my own apprentice?
    The difference is purely in the employment relationship. Whether you employ an apprentice directly or host an ATNZ apprentice, they will receive the same level of mentoring and support.

  • Who do I talk to at ATNZ to discuss my apprentice’s progress?
    You will be allocated a dedicated ATNZ account manager who is your contact for everything to do with your apprentice. This one point of contact makes it easy for you.

    Your account manager will visit you and your apprentice at least ten times a year and is always available to discuss your apprentice’s progress and any concerns you have.

  • How much does it cost to train an ATNZ apprentice?
    The fee structures vary whether you are employing an apprentice yourself or hosting an ATNZ apprentice.

    Click below to book a chat about it and we can help you work out what is the best option for your business.

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