Family violence – it’s not OK for workmates

28 March 2019

Family violence is a huge problem in New Zealand. Statistics show that ten men and 13 women are killed every year by their partner or ex-partner. Family violence takes place in many forms: physical, psychological, sexual, financial and verbal.

This can have a huge impact on employees at work. People who are victims of family violence may be distressed, anxious, distracted and fearful. It can be difficult to manage their workload and some are forced to leave their job so they can hide from their abuser.

On 1 April 2019 new employment legislation is being introduced to support those who are affected by domestic violence in their family or whanau. As your employer, ATNZ has developed a policy to support all apprentices who experience domestic violence.

There are many ways ATNZ can support you, including paid domestic violence leave of up to ten days per year (in addition to your normal sick leave entitlement). Short and long-term safety initiatives and flexible work arrangements can be put in place for employees affected by domestic violence. 

If you require immediate support, please contact your ATNZ account manager or ATNZ HR Manager Karolina Spencer on 027 240 8422 in confidence. If it is an emergency, phone the police on 111.

There are also organisations dedicated to providing confidential support for those affected by domestic violence: