New qualifications for the engineering industry

14 November 2018

Technology and automation are rapidly driving change in the engineering sector and our engineering programmes are transforming to better meet the needs of the industry.  

The engineering programmes have been revised in consultation with industry experts across New Zealand and developed by industry organisation Competenz.

At ATNZ we’re now enrolling new apprentices in programmes leading towards New Zealand Certificates, which will replace the National Certificates.

Available now:

  • New Zealand Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (Trade) Level 4 with strands in General Engineering, Machining, Toolmaking, Fitting and Machining and Maintenance
  • New Zealand Certificate in Engineering Fabrication (Trade) Level 4 with strands in Heavy Fabrication, Light Fabrication and Steel Construction
  • New Zealand Certificate in Mechanical Building Services (Trade) Level 4

What’s new?

  • New learning resources available online 24/7 via Canvas eLearning
  • After-hours phone support available to all learners
  • Block courses structured to build on previous learning
  • Smaller blocks of learning for complex subjects
  • New study groups available in 2019

Depending what stage an apprentice is at with their training, they may be able to transition from the National Certificate to the New Zealand Certificate, and there are some benefits to doing so. Host companies can speak to their ATNZ account manager to see if learners are eligible for transition.

Please note that all apprentices currently working towards a National Certificate have until 31 December 2022 to complete the qualification.

More information

If you have any questions about the New Zealand Certificates, transitioning apprentices or any other matter, please speak to your ATNZ account manager or email .