Health and safety update: Be ready for work

29 March 2019

Coming to work healthy and in the right mindset every day is just as important as being properly trained or having the right tools for the job. Many factors, both on and off the job, affect how well we do our jobs on any given day. Some of the factors are sickness, fatigue, mediation, and stress.


When you are sick you may not be able to perform your duties as needed and this can put yourself and others at risk of injury. Remember to let your supervisor know if you are taking sick leave.


If you are working more than 40 hours a week plus additional demands in your home life, you may become too tired to safely perform your job. Try to get at least eight hours sleep a night, eat a balanced diet and stay hydrated. Also take regular breaks and stretch when feeling tired on the job.


Many medictions affect how we feel. If you are starting medication it is important to ask your doctor about all the side effects and make sure they understand the work you do (as well as discussing any other medication you may be taking). Let your supervisor know if you are not feeling well so they can keep an eye on you.


Stress can be caused by many things – work demands, study for your apprenticeship, home or flatting demands, family or relationship problems or health problems. It is important to be able to handle stress in a constructive way. Exercising or taking time to enjoy your hobbies and interests outside of work is a good way to relieve stress. Recognise when you are stressed and take time to relax.

Whether it is sickness, fatigue, medication or stress affecting you negatively at work, it is important to speak up. Talk to your supervisor or ATNZ account manager if you have any concerns.

Free counselling service for ATNZ apprentices  

Remember all ATNZ apprentices can access free counselling through our partner OCP. The sessions are completely confidential and can be used for personal or work-related issues.

You are entitled to up to three free sessions and you can make an appointment by calling 0800 377 990.

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