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30 September 2020

No apprenticeship fees

That’s right, there are no fees on apprenticeships right now, under the Government’s Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF), which aims to provide COVID-19 relief and addressing skills shortages in targeted growth sectors. This remains in place until 31 December 2022.

Already have an apprentice? Great news! Their fees will be automatically covered from 01 July 2020 to 31 December 2022: there is no paperwork to complete.

Are your apprentice’s fees currently funded by the Government’s two-year fees-free scheme? Their fees are automatically covered from 01 July 2020 to 31 December 2022 by TTAF too. Their entitlement to fees-free will be paused, ready to resume at the end of the TTAF scheme if needed.

No ATNZ management fees

We’re utilising the Government’s Group Training Scheme Funding, part of the Government’s Budget 2020, to waive our management fees until further notice, subject to continued Government support.

Apprentice Boost monthly payment

Covering eligible apprentices in their first 24 months of training, this payment assists employers like ATNZ to keep existing apprentices and employ new ones – and we will pass the full payment onto you. Access to this initiative ends on 31 December 2022. You can find out more by visiting the Work and Income NZ website.

Ready for your apprentice?

We have enthusiastic engineering candidates looking for roles right now. Let us help you find a fees-free apprentice: Contact our recruitment team to help you find the right person on 0800 692 869, complete our contact form or email us.

*Terms, conditions and time limits apply. Talk to us for more details.

What we offer

Gold class recruitment including:

  • Talent pool of the best apprentices from schools and pre-trades
  • Candidate numeracy and mechanical reasoning testing
  • Formal interview process and reference checks plus an interview with you
  • Pre-employment medical and drugs test
  • Full on-boarding process and induction

Outstanding support for your apprentice – hassle free for you – including:

  • On-going coaching, mentoring and wrap around support from a dedicated Account Manager
  • 10 site visits with the learner per year
  • Weekly wages, leave requirements, KiwiSaver and ACC contributions taken care of
  • Performance and HR issues are handled by us
  • All personal protective equipment and tools provided at the start of their training plus additional tools purchased via an interest-free loan.
  • On-the-job credit assessment
  • Organisation of block courses and wages taken care of while attending.

Did you know existing employees can be transferred to ATNZ too?
Now is the time to train.