Award Regional Winners Announced

Award Regional Winners Announced

22 November 2023

The Regional Winners of the 2023 ATNZ Apprentice of the Year and the ATNZ Rookie of the Year have been announced. The ATNZ Apprentice of the Year competition is a prestigious event that has been running for over twenty years. The award targets apprentices who have completed at least eighteen months of their training and attracts entries from the very best ATNZ apprentices. Our judges were looking for apprentices who demonstrated a positive attitude and advanced skill level beyond their experience level, as well as those who are taking on more responsibility than expected for somebody of their experience level. We are thrilled to report that we had a fantastic response to the competition. Not only did we receive a solid number of entries, but the quality of the submissions was highly impressive.

The 2023 ATNZ Apprentice of the Year Regional Winners are:

Northern Region           Samara Robson-Beard of host company Active Engineering.

Central Region              Isabella Morris of host company HotChilly.

Southern Region          Aidan Lipsham of host company Gavin Lowe Air Conditioning.


The 2023 ATNZ Rookie of the Year was equally hotly contested. For those ATNZ apprentices in the first 18 months of their training, we were struck by the standard of entries and the levels of enthusiasm and skill demonstrated.


The 2023 ATNZ Regional Rookie of the Year Winners are:

Northern Region           Ben Mirkin of host company Waikato Stainless Steel.

Central Region              Sam Waters of host company Hayes International.

Southern Region          Guy Hutchinson of host company AHI Carrier.


We are excited to announce that we will be hosting the annual awards function in Auckland on 12th December, where the Apprentice and Rookie of the Year awards will be presented. We are grateful to our sponsors, NZ Safety Blackwoods and Ko-Ken Tools (distributed in New Zealand by Hobeca Trading), for supporting the ATNZ Apprentice of the Year and ATNZ Rookie of the Year awards respectively. We look forward to welcoming these sensational apprentices to this event and wish them all luck.