A $2+ million helping hand to host companies

02 July 2021

One year on from the introduction of the Management Fee Waiver (MFW) to all ATNZ host companies, and we’re delighted to announce we have passed on over $2 million in savings!

The MFW was made possible thanks to the generous support offered to Group Training Schemes (GTS) like ATNZ as part of the Government’s Budget 2020.

We are proud to have been able to offer this support as Aotearoa works to rebuild after the economic shock of the pandemic lockdowns and beyond.

Without a doubt, the last 16 months have been challenging. We appreciate the ongoing support of ATNZ by our host companies and the work we do to grow the next generation of Kiwi tradies. The MFW has been our way of saying thanks back.

And, it doesn’t stop yet.

Thanks to constructive conversations with the Government, we have approval to continue to offer a partial MFW beyond the original deadline of 27 June 2021. Going forward, we will discount our usual management fee by more than half. This means our host companies will pay just $2.40 per apprentice per hour for the outstanding pastoral care and mentoring, HR, payroll, and health and safety support only ATNZ can provide.

The partial MFW will remain in place until the current allocated funds are exhausted and applies to all existing ATNZ apprentices.

In addition, savings also continue via the Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF) meaning no apprenticeship training fees, and the Apprenticeship Boost Initiative (ABI), which delivers monthly wage support for first- and second-year apprentices.

The MFW, TTAF and ABI all apply to new apprentices signed up with ATNZ too, so if you wish to take on more apprentices, or even your very first, please get in touch.

There really has never been a better time to host an apprentice with us!