How ATNZ works

Upskill your workforce and boost your business.

We manage the formal employment arrangement. We provide standard tools and protective gear. Your account manager will work alongside you to induct your apprentice into your organisation with a strong focus on health and safety.

What's in it for you?

  1. You only pay an hourly rate with no hidden costs.
  2. ATNZ will pay the apprentice wages.
  3. We take care of Kiwisaver, holiday pay and sick pay.
  4. WorldSkills mentoring for your ATNZ apprentice.
  5. ATNZ is responsible for employment support and advice.
  6. You can transfer your apprentice at any time.
  7. ATNZ has a dedicated Human Resources and Health and Safety team.
  8. Dedicated account managers.
  9. We provide tools and standard protective gear.