FAQs: COVID-19 and your wages

Updated: 21 May 2020

We continue to receive lots of great questions about the COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Scheme and how it applies to you. Please read our updated COVID-19 Wages frequently asked questions.

With the receipt of the wage subsidy from the Government, ATNZ is committed to supporting you throughout the remainder of the 12 weeks period. While most of our apprentices are now back to work, we continue to reassess our wage subsidy support for those who are not back yet or are back on part-time hours. We have communicated to you that ATNZ will support all apprentices who are not back to work or are back on part-time hours with 80 per cent of your normal wages for weeks 8-10. We will soon be communicating our proposal for weeks 11 and 12.

The Government wage subsidy supports workers to ensure they continue to receive an income, and stay connected to their employer, even if they are unable to work.

The subsidy for a full-time employee is $585.80 (gross) per week. If your usual wages (when adjusted to any less than 100 per cent) are less than the subsidy, we will pay you the subsidy amount, not your usual wages.

If you are back to work on part-time hours and you work overtime on any particular day Monday to Sunday, you will be paid for all worked hours at 100 per cent and your overtime hours will be paid based on your contractual entitlements. ATNZ will continue to top up your wages to your total contractual hours for that week. If you have exceeded your total contractual hours in any particular week due to overtime hours, you will not receive a subsidy top-up for that week.

You will continue to be paid your tool allowance (alongside all other allowances that you are eligible for) for all worked hours. For the hours that you do not work your pay will not include any allowances that you might get from time to time as offered by your host company and will not include any tool allowance.

This option is now available only to those apprentices who are not back to work. ATNZ apprentices who are not back to work can continue to top up the 20 per cent difference (for most of our apprentices it will be an equivalent of one day a week) by submitting an annual leave top-up request to their account manager. Please do not send these requests to the ATNZ payroll team.

All apprentices who are back to work on full or part-time hours and wish to take annual leave need to apply for annual leave by indicating this on their timesheet. Please ensure that as always, you communicate your intentions to take annual leave to your host company in advance.

If you are back to your duties (full-time or part-time) you will be paid 100 per cent for that day based on your normal daily hours of work and irrespective of how many hours you have worked Tuesday to Sunday of that week.

If you are not yet back to work, because your host company has not reopened or because they are not in the position to have you back just yet, you will be paid 80 per cent of your normal wages for that week (Monday to Sunday). That payment will be inclusive of the payment for Monday 1 June 2020.

Have other questions? Talk to your ATNZ Account Manager first. If you have any payroll-related questions, talk to our payroll team on 0800 692 869 or by email.