If you enjoy getting creative, working with technology and producing a useful product, a career in the printing industry could suit you.

Career information

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What does it involve?

Print workers produce a range of printed items that we see, read and use every day. There are many types of printing work, using different print technologies. Some roles are more technical and others are more customer focused.

How could I get into the industry?

Three years of secondary education are recommended to enter training as a fibreboard packaging printer. Useful subjects include English and maths, or credits in literacy and numeracy, technology and computer studies.

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Does this sound like you? 

• Sciences or Workshop Technology

• Creative Arts (Visual/Textiles/Graphics)

• Computing/ICT/Information Management.

• Strong eye for detail

• Good literacy and numeracy

• Confidence with IT, computers, technology

• Good initiative/‘can do’ attitude.

• Analysing, researching or problem solving

• Making or fixing things

• Working with machinery

• Working with computers.

• Inside (workshop or plant)

• One place every day.

What kind of jobs could I do? 

  • Designer/Prepress Operator - produce eye-catching communications to meet customer needs. Operators ensure files are ready for print and contain all the elements needed for a quality result. 
  • Printer - choose your print method: digital, sheet-fed, reel-fed, screen or pad printing. Printers work independently and in teams to produce many types of printed communications. 
  • Packaging Machine Operator - use different machines and technology to create attractive, protective paperboard packaging for many items including food products, beauty products and household appliances. 
  • Print Finisher - use a range of hand and machine skills to put the finishing touches on a product. These touches include gluing, stapling, folding, embossing and gold foiling. 
  • Production Planner - ensure jobs get processed and produced efficiently and delivered to the client on time. Excellent organisation and communication skills play a big part here.

How much could I earn?

  • 3 – 5 years experience

    $50k- $65k