Mechanical Building Services

Look around you, every supermarket, shopping mall or office tower is fitted with an HVAC system – so too many residential homes. Competenz trains the people who control the temperature and air quality of New Zealand’s buildings.

Career information


What does it involve?

Mechanical building services engineers maintain the components used in heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

They install split system air conditioning units and fabricate, install and maintain systems in homes, office buildings, hospitals and factories.

You could be installing a heat pump in a residential house one day and doing commercial maintenance in a shopping mall or an office tower the next.

Typical day

Normally an 8-hour day; sometimes working longer may be required. 

Work can include:

  • installing split system air conditioning; 
  • ventilation and air conditioning engineering (fabricating, installing and maintaining systems in office buildings, hospitals and factories); and
  • refrigeration engineering in warehouses, ships, containers and trucks. 

You are likely to work is a huge variety of locations.

Does this sound like you?

• English or Media or History

• Maths or Accounting or Economics

• Sciences or Workshop Technologies

• Computing/ICT/Information Management

• Strong eye for detail

• Good literacy and numeracy

• Good organisational skills

• Good work habits/time management.

• Analysing, researching or problem solving

• Making or fixing things

• Working with machinery

• Working with computers.

• Inside (workshop or plant)

• Outside (outdoors)

• Different places from time to time.

Career pathway

Unit standards

Ideally NCEA Level 2 in:

• Maths

• Science (physics)

• Technology (metal work)

• English


• Mechanical Building Services Engineer

• Mechanical Building Services System Design

• Commercial Mechanical Building Services Engineer

• Industrial Mechanical Building Services Engineer

Higher learning

• Supervisor

Higher learning

• Foreman

• Site Supervisor

• Business Manager

• Business Owner

How much could I earn?

  • 3 – 5 years experience

    $50k - $95k