Fitting & machining

Fitters and machinists make and assemble the precision engineering parts that keep New Zealand industries running


We can provide training plans, support and qualifications - tailored to your businesses specific needs.

What do we offer?

We also ensure your industry’s qualifications continue to meet needs, support industry events like conferences, competitions and graduations and regularly celebrate your learners’ success.

When apprentices enrol, we assign them a Competenz account manager. Our account managers understand the industry and the skills learners and businesses need to gain.

Qualifications available

The Fitting and Machining strand is for those employed in machine building and related occupations, where both precision fitting and machining skills are required. Typically this involves machining, assembly, and alignment of components to close tolerances, machine installation, and hydraulic or pneumatic control systems. Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machinery and simple toolmaking may be involved in some enterprises.

It is intended to provide training for people in occupations traditionally referred to as Fitters, Fitters and Turners, Precision Machinists, and Machine Tool Setters.

NZQA qualification overview

National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering Level 4